Darshini Shankar Narayan

User Experience



Things I do...

Making the experience   for the user as simple, easy and intuitive, but also keeping the business goals in mind.

Designing aesthetic and visually appealing interfaces by using Gestalt's principles and  keeping Material Design guidelines handy.

Empathizing with the user, analyzing the 5 W's;  'why', 'what', when', 'where', 'who' and taking decisions based on qualitative and quantitative research. results.

Creating prototypes that emulate the final product and rapidly conducting user tests to evaluate the functionality of the design




User Experience Design

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Visual Design


User Research


Rapid Prototyping




My UXPA Talk

On November 7th, 2017, during Austin Design Week, I had the opportunity to share my experience on 'How I created a User Interface on Confluence and saved my company thousands of dollars'. I've also included a video walk through tutorial in the presentation..


I had the privilege of working with Darshini doing UI/UX work at Ford Motor Company for over a year. In that time she worked with our user community, senior management, vendors, and IT to create and deploy dynamic and user-friendly interfaces that greatly improved user acceptance for a major global engineering application. She has a very keen design eye and is extremely user-focused--and maintains a positive, approachable attitude that we all enjoyed. The true measure of the quality of her work and her contributions to the The Company was the obvious impact on the project when she left. I highly recommend Darshini; she is a truly gifted and hardworking UX design expert.

Ray Byrnes - UI/UX Integration at Ford Motor Company

Ray worked with Darshini on UI/UX at Ford Motor Company

Looking for a self-driven, a perfect combination of creative and analytical mind? Darshini is the answer for you. She is a hardworking, extremely talented person with a result oriented approach towards her job. When I worked with her, she was a quick learner, and always eager to explore and experiment. I appreciate her journey in the creative field, and I am a big fan of her quirky approach to design. Wishing her the best!

Amrita C Roy

Amrita managed Darshini directly at Tenet Advertising

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